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Velocity Made Good

AS WITH SAILING, the fastest way to the mark is seldom a direct line; thus the tactics of changing directions (tacking & jibing) while maintaining the course will maximize your boat speed. The calculations of these required adjustments, called “Velocity Made Good”, are usually made with computations and instrumentation, plus the finesse of the crew.

Like the crew of a boat, Healthcare Providers must balance technologies, processes, people, and ever-changing industry regulations. When we help you do it well, your patients understand their benefits, as well as their personal obligations, and you get paid for your services. We have worked with a wide variety of healthcare providers across state lines, demographics, and regulatory environments. We have seen what works and what does not work; therefore we can bring the “finesse” to your crew.

VMG Healthcare Consultants has a network of approximately 45 professionals, with an average of 20 years’ experience in the industry, who analyze and direct strategic initiatives, manage system processes and guide implementation efforts.


Selection, implementation and training for integrated systems that perform.

Cost Report

Complete Reimbursement and Cost Finding for increased revenue.

Revenue Integrity

Comprehensive back office process improvement for accuracy & efficiency.

Revenue Cycle

A focus on patient access experience to improve satisfaction & revenue.

Measurable Results

$5.3 Million in additional revenue in less than a year for one client; $104 Million in cash flow improvements after 18 months; and, $37 Million in new cash flow through Cost Reporting Opportunities. See our case study on how techniques to reduce bad debts and improve cash flow brought in a windfall in short order.

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Signature Process

Full revenue cycle investigation and assessment with emphasis on Patient Access and a focus on process and techonology integration and training that enhances patient, physician and staff satisfaction.

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Core Crew

With over 100 years experience within the VMG Core Crew, we are fully prepared to help you take control of your Revenue Cycle from top to bottom. We will investigate your current systems and procedures, integrate new and proven technologies and methods, and train your own crew in order to set the foundation for future, continued success, long after VMG has set sail.

Michele Sutherland


Timothy Powell

VP of Data and IT

Glen Gill

VP of Revenue Cycle Services

Brandy Simpson

Senior Revenue Cycle Director

Wanda Torrence

Senior Revenue Cycle Director

Kristin Stubblefield

Revenue Cycle Project Manager, CRCP-I

Trevor Simms

Project Manager

Charles Hargrove

Senior Analyst

Dora Behan

Senior Executive Assistant

Doris Pelham

Senior Analyst

Kimberly Cronin

Case Manager