Our Services

At Velocity Made Good, we understand the ever-changing atmosphere in the extensive world of health care. We have over 100 years of combined Revenue Cycle Management experience across our Core Crew, making us fully prepared to implement our Best Practices within your institution in order to significantly improve your bottom line, as well as your team insight and patient satisfaction. We will evaluate your full Revenue Cycle, educate your team, and enhance your results using the VMG Core Services as our guide to your future success.

Full Revenue Cycle Outsource Service

Full Revenue Cycle Outsource Service consulting specialized within Patient Access & Patient Financial Services including scheduling services, Pre-Registration, and financial clearance/eligibility verification services, authorization management, point of service collection techniques, patient flows from check-in through the whole revenue cycle, charge capture & entry, coding, credentialing, billing services, AR follow-up and denial management, and overall support to ensure industry best practices are implemented and established.

Revenue Cycle Assessment & Recommendations

Revenue Cycle Assessment & Recommendations to establish current performance status; identify opportunities for improvements; provide a gap analysis of current workflows within the clients operations; development and redesign of new workflows with utilizing the functionality of healthcare providers existing and or new technologies; provide recommendations of improvements with detail timeline; and provide comprehensive training for both new workflows and implementation support for healthcare provider; plus will provide post “Go Live” review to ensure new solutions are fully transitioned, and are sustainable.

Interim Revenue Cycle Directors

Interim Revenue Cycle Directors and or Managers for PAS/PFS which encompass the following services but not limited to: manage stakeholder expectations; validate deliverables; monitor and control risk; scope and change management; communication management; assist with procurement process; maintain issue log and document lessons learned; and close project reporting.

Clinical Documentation Improvement

Clinical Documentation Improvement is essential for every patient encounter and this service includes the most knowledgeable people, process and technology to ensure that providers understand the documentation requirements to properly reflect to scope of service, code assignments, coding guidelines and quality reporting. This service supports a direct impact to patient care by providing information to all members of the care team.

Revenue Cycle Fundamental Training

Revenue Cycle Fundamental Training, which includes not only training of new workflows with new software functionality but to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the whole Revenue Cycle Process; this can include one if not all training sessions, and or we can design customized training programs as well. We can provide Pre/Post/Ongoing Customer Satisfaction Surveys throughout the engagement process to determine impact of Customer Service Training if provided.

Technology Implementation & Enhancement Services

Technology Implementation Services includes the full management and or support of new technology upgrades to support the front, middle and back end of the revenue cycle for both Hospital and medical groups. Our subject matter experts have extensive knowledge in front end system, like Experian Passport, SCI Solutions, Accureg, Availity, Healthware and Clear Balance Loan Program, to enhance the workflow and tools for scheduling, eligibility, financial clearance and patient access. Our team also has extensive experience in implementation and or redesign of middle and back end systems, such as EPIC (patient estimator Care Pricer and enhancement of workflow), TransUnion, JDA, Net.Orange. Finally we have significant expertise in most Patient Accounting and Practice Management Systems, including by not limited to, conversion projects of Meditech 6.15, GE Centricity, NextGen, Athena, MD Synergy, All Scripts, and GE Centricity.

Contract Management, Payor Compliance and Revenue Integrity

Contract Management, Payor Compliance and Revenue Integrity services specializes in providing contract management; modeling and negotiation software for the purpose of negotiation and management of payer reimbursement contracts, as well as, an analysis of related net revenue integrity including categorization and classification of defects causing any net revenue discrepancies. We will provide clients with Services under which they may have remote access to applicable modules of the proprietary software.

Cost Report Opportunity through Filing & Audit

Cost Report Opportunity through Filing & Audit – Full Scope Assessment, Training and Net Revenue Improvement via process changes, knowledge transfer & practice improvement. All Cost Report compilation, filing and audit management services through the Notice of Program Reimbursement.

Training Sessions & Milestone Facilitation

The following training programs are examples of our most requested training sessions:

  • “Understanding the Revenue Cycle & Your Role” – Classes Focus of Patient’s Journey & Financial Impact
  • POS Collection Techniques “Smart side of the desk”
  • Coding Selection Education – The importance of selecting the correct codes for scheduling hospital outpatient services
  • Asking with Customer Service excellence “Right Words”
  • Customer Service Etiquette Services – Communication, Difficult People, Email & Phone Etiquette
  • 101 Medicare & MSP Questionnaire
  • Establish with project management daily milestones and regular status review meetings
  • Capture & document (map) both clinical and revenue cycle workflows, plus provide an overlay how new technologies or services will either emulate and or will improve current workflows
  • Review current training applications and logistics
  • Comprehensive plan designed for building needed efficient and improved financial clearance workflows and patient flows
  • Executive sponsor/project management level results meeting and subsequent feedback of findings, opportunities and recommendations
  • Provide all findings and documentation as to how findings were discovered
Sustainability Follow Up

VMG can also provide a continuation business partnership to ensure our delivered solutions and or professional services are fully transitioned, and are sustainable. The changes implemented are monitored and measured for an on-going or defined period of time with our Post Go Live Review and or intermittent Pulse Onsite Reviews for employees as needed and as approved.